***** National Level Student Innovation Competition – 2023 Prize Distribution Ceremony***** Short-List Result Released*****


Student Innovation Challenge is open to currently enrolled students starting from Class VIII to Ph.D.

  • Are you an inventor, with creative Ideas?
  • Are you developing a new Equipment or Process?
  • Does your innovation help the Common People?

  • Ramakrishna Mission 125th Anniversary Student Innovation Competition is an avenue to showcase your Imagination for the betterment of People. And win Exciting Prizes.

    The objective of the Challenge is to stimulate and celebrate the innovative & imaginative spirit of the student community in a way to encourage environment-friendly & sustainable growth on our Planet, promote tools that enhance self-dependence among the elderly & disabled.

    Ramakrishna Mission Student Talent Hunt Procedure


    Important dates for the Student Innovation Competition:

    Registration: 12 January to 10 March, 2023
    Submission of the Entry: 18 March, 2023
    Short Listing Result: 01 April, 2023
    Finals @ Belur Math: 05 to 07 May, 2023

    New Ideas

    Make a better future

    New Equipments

    Helpful to common people

    New Processes

    Alternate solutions

    New Challenges

    Explore and Innovate

    Participate in Student Innovation Ideas Competition


    The Thrust Areas of the Student Innovation Competition are:

  • Recycling of household waste into useful materials

  • Re-use of plastic/polymer materials

  • Energy conservation & Use of Green Energy

  • Developing alternatives to plastic

  • Environment-friendly agriculture tools

  • Handy Soft and Hard tools for Convenience of disabled/elderly people

  • Promotion of Paperless communication

  • Promotion of Cyber-security

  • Any other relevant area

  • Useful Materials

    Materials that can be reused, recyclables, alternatives to plastics.

    Green Energy

    Energy Conservation & Environment-friendly Agriculture Tools

    Cyber Security

    Promotion of Paperless Communication, Online safety

    Help the Elderly

    Handy Soft & Hard tools for Convenience of elderly people


    In his travels all over India, Swami Vivekananda was heart-broken seeing the abject poverty in which the masses lived. When he went to Europa and USA, he was highly impressed by the education and gainful employment opportunities available to all people there.

    The only reason for poor living standards in India, Swamiji felt, was lack of education, and dearth of economic opportunities available for the common man in India.

    After returning to India in 1897, Swami Vivekananda constantly encouraged youngsters to develop practical life-skills and explore avenues of innovation in all aspects of life.

    The Ramakrishna Mission 125th Anniversary Student Innovation Competition is a small tribute to the genius of Swami Vivekananda in inspiring the revival & rejuvenation of National life in India.

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