Student Innovation Competition Details

On the Occasion of 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Ramakrishna Mission by Swami Vivekananda in the year 1897, a Student Innovation Competition is being organised.


The objective of the Competition is to stimulate and celebrate the innovative & imaginative spirit of the student community in a way to encourage environment-friendly & sustainable growth on our Planet, promote tools that enhance self-dependence among the elderly & disabled.

Eligibility :

Student Innovation Competition is open to currently enrolled students starting from Class VIII to Ph.D.


To provide level playing field to participants of different age groups and background, the Competition is divided in multiple Levels,
• School Level: Open to School students (Class VIII to XII only)
• UG Level: Open to students pursuing ITI, Diploma, Degree in any stream
• PG Level: Only for Students pursuing any Post-graduate course
• Research Level: Research Scholars (attached to College/Universities/other institutions) only are eligible

Registration :

In today’s world, most of the tasks are accomplished through team-work. Team-work enhances the scope and abilities of all members. An interested Team of students can Register by providing basic details &
bona-fide certificates of its members.
• A team may consist of a Maximum of 3 members.
• All the members of the Team must be studying at the same Level
(School / UG/ PG / Research).
• All Team members must be pursuing their studies in the same Zone
• There will be No Registration Fee, for any Team, at any Level.

Thrust Areas:

The Innovation may be an Idea, or Equipment or a Process that would impact the lives of people in one of the following thrust areas:
• Recycling of household waste into useful materials
• Re-use of plastic/polymer materials
• Energy conservation & Use of Green Energy
• Developing alternatives to plastic
• Environment-friendly agriculture tools
• Handy Soft and Hard tools for Convenience of disabled/elderly people
• Promotion of Paperless communication
• Promotion of Cyber-security
• Any other relevant area


A team may submit its Entry to the Competition by uploading:
• A Write-up describing the Innovation (pdf document) in English (within 1000 words / 2 pages), in the suggested write-up format.
• A video (max 6 minutes) showcasing the Innovation, including all team members, in English to be uploaded at the link provided in your Dashboard. In case a team uses a Regional Language for the video, an English translation of the same must be provided for the convenience of the Jury.

Important Dates:

Last dates for the Student Innovation Competion are:

Registration:                              12 January to 10 March, 2023
Submission of the Entry:    18 March, 2023
Short Listing Result:              01 April, 2023
Finals @ Belur Math:             05 to 07 May, 2023

Evaluation :

Evaluation of your Innovation submission will be done in 2 stages :
1. Short-listing: Preliminary assessment based on your submitted Writeup, and supporting Video to shortlist the Finalists
2. Finals: Shortlisted Finalists will be invited to Belur Math (Kolkata) to present & showcase their ideas.

The best proposals from School and College Groups of each of the 5 Regions of India will be awarded Cash Prizes. Also, the Overall (National) Toppers will be recognized.

Research Scholars, being in much lesser number compared to School and College students, will be considered as a single Group, and the Best Innovators will be recognized with Cash Prizes.

Prizes :

The best Innovations from School, UG , and PG Levels from each of the 5 Zones of India will be awarded Cash Prizes.:
• 1st Prize – Rs.50,000
One for each Zone (East, North, West, South, North-East)
• 2nd Prize – Rs.20,000
One for each Zone (East, North, West, South, North-East)
• 3rd Prize – Rs.10,000
One for each Zone (East, North, West, South, North-East)
Research Scholars, being is much lesser number compared to School and College students, will be considered as a single Group, and the Best Innovators will be recognized with similar Cash Prizes.


• Travel expenses of all Short-listed teams for Final Competition Prize distribution ceremony will be reimbursed at actuals. (Sleeper class train fare up to Max. Rs.2000/- per head)
• Food & Lodging will be provided Free of Cost by the Ramakrishna Mission Saradapitha, Belur Math.
• Team will bear the cost for developing the innovation, and same will NOT BE REIMBURSED